Sawn Hardwood Laths 100m bundle

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These Sawn Hardwood Laths are suitable for use in timber-framed renovations and help to even out surfaces for future lime plastering. They provide strength to any project with their individual dense tree structure. Here, our laths have been sawn to help bring the cost down while still ensuring you have high-quality resources for any historic and traditional building renovation.

In general, laths are fixed next to one another and secured in place using nails, screws or staples. By bringing the surface to a flat level, you are able to successfully apply the finishing product. Our goal is always to create and supply products that maintain the aesthetic appearance of the building while providing structural integrity. Special care should be taken when installing laths as hammering could cause shock waves throughout the building. In the worst case scenario, this could do potential damage to other areas of the building.

Here at Limebase, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and honing specialist construction products for historic renovations. Some of our products have been used on the most iconic buildings from our capital; namely Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London and Windsor Castle. We pride ourselves in always delivery high-quality products and sourcing them effectively to bring you the most cost-efficient prices.

These oak and sweet chestnut laths measure in at 1.2m lengths and 25mm x 6mm approximate dimensions. They are supplied in 100 linear meters per bundle. Use on lath, plaster ceilings and partitions.