Singleton Birch Fine Lime 2 Quick Lime 1 tonne

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Lime is an eternally popular and versatile component used in making quality mortar, and is vital for architectural restoration, with a number of other diverse uses. Whether you’re plastering, rendering, repointing or limewashing, our quality lime will ensure you get the best results and maintain the health and structural integrity of the building you’re working on.

As with every product in our range from Limebase, Singleton Birch Fine Lime Quick Lime is crafted with the utmost care to produce a quality building material. Lime is a key ingredient in restorative building work. Singleton Birch lime is finely powdered suitable for use in soft.

For all your building needs with traditional and historic construction work, opt for a reputable manufacturer. Limebase prides itself on producing high quality lime-based products and delivering expert guidance on getting the most out of your work.

We are proud to have worked on major cathedrals around the UK and understand the importance of upkeep and restoration for keeping our country’s historic buildings beautiful and structurally sound. Our lime is crafted from a deep understanding of construction, and will stand the test of time as a quality building material in both stone and plaster work.

Be proud of your work with our quality Singleton Birch Quick Lime – the ideal material for restorative masonry and beyond. Contact us for advice and information on how to get the most out of our lime.