Singleton Birch Fine Lime 2 Quick Lime 15kg Bag

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For mid-sized projects or materials that you want to keep across several projects, this 15kg Singleton Birch Fine Lime 2 Quick Lime is ideal. It’ll last for long periods of time thanks to its airtight double sealed bag and the commitment to providing high-quality materials, maximising budgets for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

When slaked and matured, our singleton birch fine lime 2 putty works extremely effectively with restoration projects that want to ensure new work blends in with both traditional and historic features. As a result, it allows numerous types of repair work to be conducted without negatively impacting the overall aesthetics of a project or building once work has been completed. It’s also easy to work with, with high plasticity for ease of use, while still providing tough results that last for decades in a variety of conditions, including unpredictable outdoor environments where the putty will be exposed to the elements.