Singleton Birch Lime Putty 800kg

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Lime putty is made by slaking quicklime in water and leaving to mature, producing a quality mortar that sets as a result of carbonation. For thousands of years, lime putty has been used in construction and architectural work. Many ancient buildings from as far back as the pyramids have incorporated lime mortar for its unique strength and versatility. Hundreds of traditional and historic buildings today are crafted using lime, which is why lime mortar is so essential for restoration work.

The extraordinary durability of lime in building work has long been the stuff of legends, passed down from person to person, without it ever being entirely clear why this material is so successful and long-lasting – until recently. Scientists now know more about the remarkable properties of lime and why so many buildings and structures crafted using lime have stood the test of time when comparable materials have crumbled.

Using authentic, time-honoured materials is extremely important when maintaining the beauty and structural integrity of an historic building, and materials like those originally used should be sought wherever possible. At Limebase, we have over two decades of experience in renovating and restoring aged buildings using only the very best lime products.

Lime putty is naturally a highly alkaline substance. That’s why our lime putty comes in a tough, air-tight container so it can be transported safely. To organise pickup of our lime putty, get in contact with one of our consultants and we will arrange a suitable time.

Local collection only – please ring for further information.