Solvex Flocklined Nitrile Glove 10

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Solvex Flock Lined Nitrile Gloves offer enhanced grip and protection with a sand patch finish.

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What better choice than high-performance nitrile gloves? These Solvex Flock Lined Nitrile Gloves are for general-purpose chemical protection, general handling, and janitorial applications. Their construction includes nitrile with a flock cotton liner, providing excellent comfort, grip, and tear resistance. Solvex Flock Lined Nitrile Gloves are 12.9921 inches (33cm) in length, have a thickness of 0.38mm with a sand patch grip pattern and are appropriate for size 10. These gloves are tough, durable, and fit like a second skin.

The antimicrobial nitrile formulation protects against oils, greases, and many hazards, including most acids and alkalis. These gloves help your hands stay safe from harsh chemicals, solvents, and grime. If you use a lot of chemicals for working or cleaning, these gloves are a must-have! They are an excellent choice for anyone who works in construction, manual labour, manufacturing, or food services.

With so many uses for these washable gloves, they are great for home, farm, or industry use. These Flock Lined Nitrile Gloves meet all applicable regulatory standards and are suitable for environmental, food handling, material handling, and many other general handling applications. They use a flock cotton outer layer for maximum comfort and grip during use, protecting the palm and fingers and providing excellent durability. These gloves have a silicon-based coating on the fingers for an excellent grip.