Steel Wire Brush

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Introducing Limebase’s steel wire brush, an essential tool for restoration and construction endeavours. With its robust plastic handle and steel bristles, this brush is designed to withstand demanding tasks. Its 26cm length and 3.5cm bristle length ensure optimal grip and efficacy, making it an ideal tool for cleaning, polishing, or preparing surfaces.

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Limebase presents the steel wire brush, a tool meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of restoration and construction projects.

This brush, with its sturdy plastic handle and steel bristles designed to withstand the most demanding tasks. The steel wire brush is not merely a tool; it’s an integral component of your project toolkit. It’s designed for comfort and efficiency, with an overall length of 26cm and a bristle length of 3.5cm. The handle’s colour may vary, but the quality remains consistent, offering a firm grip for precise control. The capabilities of this brush extend beyond its physical attributes. It’s about the value it brings to your project. The steel bristles are adept at removing debris, ensuring a clean surface finish.

This brush guarantees clean application and finishes, whether working with lime, premixed materials, or other substances. Moreover, the steel wire brush is not limited to cleaning. It’s also perfect for polishing surfaces, providing your project with a professional finish. It’s a versatile tool that adapts to your needs, whether working on a small home project or a large construction site. With Limebase’s steel wire brush, you’re not just acquiring a tool but investing in a partner for your project. This brush is part of Limebase’s extensive collection of products, each one designed to facilitate your work and enhance efficiency. Experience the Limebase difference today. This steel wire brush is more than just a tool; it’s a solution to your project needs, designed with precision and commitment to quality.