Fuel Ash

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Our fuel ash is typically 2.5mm down and is pozzolanic, helping lime mortars set quickly, enabling you to effectively finish projects swiftly and move on to the next stage without sacrificing quality.

Mixing fuel ash with lime mortar is considered a traditional process, which can help increase the durability of your structure and can provide a positive set. Fuel ash is commonly used in the UK to help increase the strength of lime mortars and improve the workability of fresh mortars. Fuel ash can also be used to help match traditional mortars where ash has been used in the past.

The colour of the fuel ash you receive may differ slightly from the above image; however, all the fuel ash we supply is high-quality and meets industry standards. Our bags of fuel ash are competitively priced and are available in 15kg bags for your convenience.

If you have any questions relating to any of the fuel ash in our online shop, you can contact a member of our team at Limebase, as we are always happy to help. Until then, you can browse through our collection of products in our online shop.

Please Note: Fuel ash is a recycled product, which means it may contain nails.