In various construction projects, additives are used and are either natural or synthetic materials combined with binding agents, mortars, and plasters. Our additives category in our online shop has a variety of products, which can help improve your project’s durability, stability, and strength.

Additives are utilised to restore historic and traditional buildings, as they can add a new level of strength to the lime mortar or plaster mixture. Added strength is needed in some restoration projects to ensure that the building stands for more years to come.

Some products in our additives category include Argical, fuel ash, horsehair and goat hair. Fuel ash, for example, will help lime mortar set quickly, enabling you to be more productive. On the other hand, horsehair can be added to lime plaster to provide the mix with extra tensile strength. We also have tied bundles of goat hair in our additives category, which can also be added to lime plasters to provide additional tensile strength.

All our additives are priced competitively and are an essential component for any restoration or construction project. Our high-quality additives will help you with your restoration project, and in some cases, can speed up your process without losing out on quality.

If you have any questions relating to any of our additives in our online shop, you can contact a member of our team at Limebase, as we are always happy to help. Until then, you can browse through our collection of products in our online shop.

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Fuel Ash
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Horse Hair
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Goat Hair
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