GM110 Coarse Mortar

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Our carefully selected range of lime mortars would not be complete without the valuable inclusion of our GM110 Coarse Mortar. Alike our other lime mortars, the GM110 Coarse Mortar is fantastic at allowing moisture to be expelled from the construction through its breathable quality. It is also exceptional at enhancing the building’s sturdiness as it will accommodate minor building movement.

This coarser mortar is not just reliable and in frequent demand by the most experienced professional builders, it is also a convenient mortar. Why you ask? Our GM110 Coarse Mortar comes in a grey-black colour which matches with black ash mortar that the industry currently uses and has used in the past. This means our mortar offers an aesthetic advantage as well as guaranteed quality.

Key Features

  • Expels moisture through breathable quality
  • Helps stabilize building
  • Reliable and Robust
  • Aesthetically matches most contemporary and older premises

Bigger Quantities

We are also here for our customers who need industrial quantities of our excellent mortars. Any of our customers requiring our GM110 Coarse Mortar in quantities up to one ton can give us a call on 01460 281921 so we can prepare your order. To avoid disappointment, please call at your earliest convenience.