Lias Black Fleck Coarse Building/Pointing Lime Putty Mortar – W20

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During the process of restoring and renovating historical buildings, sourcing the finest materials ensures that any construction work blends in seamlessly. Here at Limebase, we have a wealth of experience in aesthetically similar materials that fit in with the qualities of classic buildings. Our W20 Course Mortar is no exception, producing a course off-white grey mortar with black flecks running throughout.

To create this product, water is added to quicklime, called slaking, to produce a putty. A coarse mixture of sand,grit and stonedust, known as aggregate, is then mixed in to provide structural support and produce the unique colours through this lime mortar. When used on historical buildings, it produces a reputable strength and tone-matching finish, allowing the repair to blend into the surrounding building.

With over 20 years of restoration, Limebase are experts in our field. Our precision blended mortars have been used to restore a number of well-recognised buildings including Salisbury cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. We are passionate about creating tailored products that specifically fit the specifications for traditional building renovation. Our manufacturing process makes use of lime from Singleton Birch in Lincolnshire.

Our W20 Course Mortar is available in 25kg bags. For larger projects, you can pre-order it in half tonne or one tonne dumpy bags upon request. The goal here at Limebase is to deliver quality mortar and lime-based products at prices that ensure historical buildings are maintained for many years to come.

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