Horse Hair

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Limebase supplies a range of natural animal hair, including horsehair and goat hair, which can be added to lime plasters to provide the mix with extra tensile strength. Coarse horse, for example, is ideal for backing coats of lime render as well as lime plaster.

Horsehair is an excellent addition to your lime plaster and renders as it acts as a natural reinforcement and effective bonding key. Since horsehair is typically coarse hair, it can be used in the backing coats, both internally and externally.

Animal hair, such as horsehair, is especially beneficial when lime plastering onto laths, which is a thin flat strip of wood. Horsehair is needed when applying lime plaster to this surface as the plaster does not always adhere to timber once dried; therefore, the addition of horsehair will help the mixture adhere effectively.

When evenly distributed throughout the mixture, horsehair can help strengthen your historical or traditional building.

The colour of the horsehair you receive may differ slightly from the above image; however, all the loose cut horse hair we supply is high-quality and meets industry standards. Our bags of horsehair are competitively priced and are available in 100g bags for your convenience.

If you have any questions relating to any of the horsehair in our online shop, you can contact a member of our team at Limebase, as we are always happy to help. Until then, you can browse through our collection of products in our online shop.